Armed Force Club


K.L.E.I.T.Armed Forces Club

K.L.E.I.T. on the day of 23-02-2017 Inaugurated the " K.L.E.I.T.Armed Forces Club". The guest of the Function were 

1. Colonel K.V. Shrinivas , Group Commander , Belgaum Group.

2. Air Commodore. L.G. Hiremath

3. Col. F.B.Karlekar, Commanding Officer , 28 KAR BN NCC

4. Lt. Col. Nithin Rumale ( THe Speaker of the Function)

5. Lt. Col. A Vivekananda, Adm. Officer 28 KAR BN NCC

6. Mr. Karan Doddwad, Member K.L.E. Society .

The president of the Function was Dr. Ramesh R. Burbure.

The Club Coordinator Mr. Kiran B. Malagi read out the Goal , Objectives and the activities planned for the next one year.


Goal: Provide human resources for serving Defence sector of India in order to ensure the National security as well as internal security.


1. To create awareness about opportunities in Armed forces amongst students.

2. To start AIR WING (SD/SW) on campus.

3. To organize Seminars/Training Camps/ Adventure camps for students.

4. To create public awareness on safety and security, specifically for women, in the society.

5. To provide hands-on volunteers for nature disasters.

6. Bring discipline in oneself and in the activities running on campus.


1.  Seminars on Technological applications in Defence.

2. Motivational visits to NDA.

3. Blood Donation Camps in association with Youth Red Cross Wing and local organisations.

4. Awareness to club members regarding Fire Fighting, First Aid, participation in Aero Show, etc.

5. Train the members to mitigate the crises/Natural Calamities.

6. Involve in Social welfare activities.


The guests expressed their view about the club. Summary of the same is as here

1. The concept of Armed forces club is unique and first of its kind in the Educational Institutions. 

2. The awareness about armed forces is necessary for the current generation.

3. Club can guide students willing to join SSB.

4. Social Services can be taken up more effectively.


Air Commodore. L.G. Hiremath and Lt. Col Nithin Rumale Addressed the student on the topic" Opportunities for engineering students  in Armed forces club". Students were Motivated a lot by the visit of Defense Personalities to the CAMPUS.

Prof. Kiran B. Malagi Thanked one and all who helped in the success of the function.